2013 Yearly Cosplay Review

By NeoqueenAdmin, January 2, 2014

Started and Completed in 2013
June: Avatar the Last Airbender
April O’neil: TMNT (90’s Cartoon)
Lyndis: Fire Emblem 7
Trainer Hilda: Pokemon B/W
Yorda: ICO
Snivy: Pokemon B/W
Irma Langstein: TMNT (90’s Cartoon)
Kurama: YuYu Hakusho
Blaze Fielding: Streets of Rage 2

Started in 2013
Emolga: Pokemon B/W
Trainer Krys: Pokemon Crystal
Tharja: Fire Emblem: Awakening
Janice: Chrono Cross
Princess What’s Her Name: Earthworm Jim
Toph: Avatar the Last Airbender (Old Friends)
Queen Emeraldas: Leiji Matsumoto Universe

2013 Photoshoots
Lyndis: Fire Emblem 7 with Daniel Fugaciu Photography
Trainer Hilda and Snivy: Pokemon B/W at Konkon Cosplay Photoshoots
Yorda: ICO with SpookyElectric at the Eastern State Penitentiary
Blaze Fielding: Streets of Rage 3 with DosikLens and M9 Cosplay


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