2015 Yearly Cosplay Review

By NeoqueenAdmin, December 31, 2015

Some Favorite Photos of the 2015!

Started in 2015

Gray Witch Karla: Record of Lodoss War
Juvia: Fairy Tail (Everything made but wig and parisol)
Lash (remake): Advance Wars (Just need wig)
Utena: Revolutionary Girl Utena
Kei: Dirty Pai Flash
Chocolate Misu: Sorcerer Hunters

Still Incomplete

Janice: Chrono Cross
Mia Ausa: Lunar
Miime: Harlock (animated series)
Gym Leader Elesa: Pokemon B/W
Ringabel Red Mage: Bravely Default
Alvida: One Piece (Time Skip)
Princess What’s Her Name: Earthworm Jim
Queen Emeraldas: Leiji Matsumoto Universe

2015 Photoshoots

Nico Robin: One Piece (Water 7/Eines Lobby) with Henrickson and KDoran
Miss All Sunday: One Piece (Alabasta) with Ken AD Photography
Tharja: Fire Emblem: Awakening with Shardae Photography
June: Avatar the Last Airbender with Danny Lam and Tommyish Cosplay & Photography
Chairman Arc Illumi: Hunter x Hunter with  Tommyish Cosplay & Photography
Hunter Exam Arc Illumi: Hunter x Hunter with Kristina Abrams and Flutter-Tee Photography
Youko Nakajima: 12 Kingdoms at CosAlive
Dark Tournament Kurama: Yu Yu Hakusho with Shardae Photography
Red Gondola Lisa Lisa: Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures with Kimchii
Battle Lisa Lisa: Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures with Dancing Squirrel Photography
Joan Kartright: War of Genesis 3 Part 2 with Hero Hotties
Tao Jun: Shaman King with NKP Photography and Dan Seiter Photography
Panne: Fire Emblem Awakening with Dan Seiter Photography and Shardae Photography
Kurama: YuYu Hakusho (Chapter Black) with SGW Photography
Nico Robin: One Piece (15th Anniversary) with Ken AD Photography
Nico Robin: One Piece (Whiskey Peak) with Dan Seiter Photography
Miyu and Larva: Vampire Princess Miyu with Coolsteel27 Photography, SF Design and M9 Cosplay
San: Princess Mononoke with Vannak Photography and Dapper Moose Photography
Tyleet: Elfquest with Dan Seiter Photography

I am simply blown away with how many cosplay I managed to finish in 2015; most of them were started and finished in 2015 too! Admittedly I made a lot of ‘simple’ costumes this year that didn’t require a ton of planning and patterning. Half of them were fly by the seat of my pants and most of the cosplay decisions stemmed from using fabrics I already owned. Only a few required me to spend the extra monies to purchase fabrics. Costliest expenses as a whole were definitely in wig buying.


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