Lady Amalthea – The Last Unicorn

By NeoqueenAdmin, September 13, 2012

The Last Unicorn Lady Amalthea CosplayI grew up watching The Last Unicorn, and it is a classic tale of my childhood. The idea of cosplaying Lady Amalthea was such a dream for me, and I was super excited that Ceratopian wanted to make a humanized Red Bull cosplay. Unfortunately I waited for the last minute to make the cosplay and didn’t get to give it as much love as I could have. I had to pretty much follow the pattern exactly and didn’t have enough time to alter anything in order to make it look like the animated feature dress.

Honestly I hope to remake this cosplay in the future and make the exact dress she wears.


Character: Lady Amalthea



Used McCall's 4681.

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