A-ko Magami – Project A-ko

By NeoqueenAdmin, February 21, 2018

A-ko has been a favorite of mine since I first saw it in the mid 90’s. I was too young an anime fan to understand the references in the OVAs, but I loved it’s humor regardless. Even now it remains one of my favorites. I never even got that A-ko’s parents are hinted at being Superman and Wonder Woman until much later! I guess it explains her super powers!

I had been meaning to cosplay her for a long time and just never made time to do it. Friends had even expressed interest but be being a perfectionist, I needed to wait until I found the perfect blue fabric. I spent years looking and tried settling on two, but those ended up getting scrapped. It was either the perfect material or the perfect color but never both. I finally settled for a fabric the color I wanted, but the fabric was still not perfect. HA HA oh well!

Now that I’ve made A-ko’s uniform, I can also be C-ko for when I join another friend who has A-ko! Yay! I also want to make a torn A-ko for pictures of her fighting!

Project A-ko Credits

2018 Studio Shoot shoot by D Frei Photos and Barry McMickle


Character: A-ko Magami
Series: Project A-ko


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