Tyleet – Elfquest

By NeoqueenAdmin, December 29, 2015

Elfquest Tyleet CosplayI have been familiar with Elfquest for over 15 years, but the thought of cosplaying Tyleet was  planted from a plush doll commission I took back in 2003 (ish). Until the commission I had never heard of Tyleet; I had comics of the original quest and a few of Shards and Jink, but Tyleet wasn’t in those. I did what little online research was available and was drawn to her design.

Many years later I found myself wondering what to do with an amazing piece of soft leather hide. I knew I wanted to use it for something special, but what? It was a modest sized piece, so the costume couldn’t be terribly complicated. I also wanted to make more cosplay that I could shoot in the woods; sometimes it’s hard finding the proper back settings for characters, and I have very few cosplay that I can casually take to the woods to shoot for a day. That is when Tyleet popped into my head after so many years. I realized that the Elfquest series was still going and I had missed so much of the story.

I found the official site had the collection for online reading and decided to start from the beginning and read to the end. I’m so glad I did. There was so much I understood now that I could read the story from start to finish. I still say Skywise and Cutter are my favorite characters, but all the characters have strong and unique voices.

Tyleet Credits

New Jersey shoot by Dan Seiter Photography


Character: Tyleet
Series: Elfquest


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