Nico Robin – One Piece (15th Anniversary)

By Neoqueenhoneybee, December 24, 2015

It’s no secret amongst my friends that I love One Piece and Nico Robin, but I prefer her pre time skip outfits 100% over her post. She’s just got more class in her fashion. However I was asked by a friend to work the Crunchyroll booth at Anime Weekend Atlanta and readily accepted. Anything for One Piece. However they were looking for post time skip outfits to promote the Sabo Special for an event. Long story short I had a small time frame to create something, and I wanted to try making the ‘fluffy bust’, aka fake anime boobs  Japanese cosplayer, Atelierspana, made famous from her Rebecca cosplay. After looking at all the post time skip outfits, I was most drawn to 15th Anniversary Nico Robin, mostly due to the purple.

The actual outfit was very simple, I believe I made it in a week. The hardest part about the fluffy bust was making the pattern. It still needs work, but I was excited to have my first ridiculously large, fake bust.

I am really glad I decided to get this cosplay shot at AWA and am really glad Ken AD was able to take the photos. He did an amazing job with photoshopping the edgiest of the fluffy bust fabric to make it look like my skin.


AWA 2015 photos by Ken AD Photography

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Character: Nico Robin
Series: One Piece
Version: 15th Anniversary