2016 Yearly Cosplay Review

By Neoqueenhoneybee, November 10, 2016

Some Favorite Photos Taken in 2016!

Started and Completed in 2016

Kanoe (X1999)
Kagerou (Fire Emblem: Fates)
Clover (9 Hours 9 Persons 9 Doors)
Phi (Virtue’s Last Reward)
Phi (Zero Time Dilemma)
Mukuro (Yu Yu Hakusho)
Fubuki (One Punch Man)
Jacqli/Mir (Ar Tonelico)
Yukako – (Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures: Diamond is Unbreakable)
Delita (Final Fantasy Tactics)
Machi (Hunter x Hunter)
Elsa (reZero)
Blinded (Fatal Frame)

Started in 2016

Balsa (Moribito)
Leylia (Record of Lodoss War)
Meliadoul (Final Fantasy Tactics)
Artemia Venus (Bravely Default)

Started Earlier But Completed in 2016

Mizuha Shin Armor (Monster Hunter FU)
Shakky (One Piece)
Kei (Dirty Pai Flash)
Chocolate Misu (Sorcerer Hunters)
Mia Ausa (Lunar Silver Star Story)
Makoto Kino (Sailor Moon)

Still Incomplete

Ringabel Red Mage/DeRosa (Bravely Default)
Gray Witch Karla (Record of Lodoss War)
Juvia (Fairy Tail)
Lash (remake): Advance Wars (Just need wig)
Utena (Revolutionary Girl Utena)
Janice (Chrono Cross)
Miime: Harlock (animated series)
Gym Leader Elesa (Pokemon B/W)
Alvida (One Piece – Time Skip)
Princess What’s Her Name (Earthworm Jim)
Queen Emeraldas (Leiji Matsumoto Universe)

2016 Photoshoots

Shakky (One Piece)
Mizuha Shin Armor (Monster Hunter FU) with Madster Cosplay and PhotographyLam Lam Photography and Cosplay, and Eveille Cosplay & Photography
Kanoe (X1999) with SpookyElectricの写真GooJunky Photography, and Simply Frank Productions
Kurama (Yu Yu Hakusho) with Lacee-Girl Cosplay & photography
Makoto Kino (Sailor Moon) with GooJunky Photography
Kagerou (Fire Emblem: Fates) with MDosikS1Price Lightworks, and Lam Lam Photography and Cosplay
Toph (Avatar the Last Airbender) with GooJunky Photography
Miyu (Vampire Princess Miyu) with Lam Lam Photography
Clover (9 Hours 9 Persons 9 Doors) with Dave Frei and Mike Brint
Phi (Virtue’s Last Reward) with Dave Frei and Mike Brint
Phi (Zero Time Dilemma) with Dave Frei, Mike Brint and Jeffi360
Mukuro (Yu Yu Hakusho) with Lam Lam Photography and Cosplay
Mia Ausa (Lunar Silver Star Story) with i360 Photography
Kei (Dirty Pai Flash) with  BlizzardTerrak Photography and AnimeCraft Entertainment
Fubuki (One Punch Man) with Jeffi360 and SpookyElectricの写真
Yukako (Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures: Diamond is Unbreakable) with Marie Newby Photography
Lisa Lisa (Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures) with GooJunky Photography
Lina Inverse (Slayers) with GooJunky Photography
Delita (Final Fantasy Tactics) with  Photography by Ross SieberDancing Squirrel PhotographyS1Price Lightworks and Otaku-Haven
Machi (Hunter x Hunter) with Allen Yen and Dativer Photographic Services
Elsa (reZero) with SpookyElectricの写真 and Dan Seiter Photography
San (Princess Mononoke) with Otaku-Haven and Just Cosplay Photography