Anime Expo 2012 Photo Dump

By Neoqueenhoneybee, March 14, 2014

AX 2012 was fun! Envi and I went, didn’t buy a badge until Sunday, and just walked around in cosplay, taking pictures of other cosplayers. And going to meets.  I haven’t just ‘attended’ a con in…wow, quite a long time, so it was a nice break.

I wore Lina Inverse (Slayers), Rebecca Streisand (Wild Arms 5), afro Bulma (DBZ) and Lady Ursa (Avatar the Last Airbender); Bulma being my most comfortable cosplay, Ursa being my second. Lina held up pretty well, but began to show some wear on the photo shoot road trip. (After the con)

But anywho, more pictures, less talk!


Perfect Yajirobi pose!
I DON’T think so!
This cracked me up so much! And with that afro, I felt like Marge Bulma!
Easily one of my favorite images of the con. I think I bought a con badge just to see this booth in the dealer’s room.
True to his Saiyan blood, baby Vegeta wanted nothing to do with me. “Do not want” to the extreme.
Hmmm, Trunks is definitely reaching for that ‘fro….
And defiant too!
Just some silly photoshop action.
Instagram. Lol.
Only a con can bring together Journey, Star Trek and the Land Before Time.
Yup, it happens

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