June – Avatar the Last Airbender

By NeoqueenAdmin, March 5, 2013

1115926_591396847604833_643026248_oAvatar the Last Airbender; if you haven’t seen it, you need to. I know, you’re thinking all sorts of things, but trust me, it’s good. I held off watching it until they announced that the season finale was FINALLY going to be aired. Everyone had been telling me that it was the best series America had put out in a long while, and the characters were complex and developed, the story was very well written and involved, blah, blah, blah.

When I finally got around to watching it I was shocked that it was as good, if not better, than the praises I had been hearing for so long. And everyone that I’ve shown the series to has also become a huge fan. I really believe that ATLA is the best American developed animated TV series since Batman the Animated Series. And that’s pretty high praise coming from me. BTAS is pretty much as good as it gets for America.

It really does have some FREAKIN AMAZING characters. I love Team Avatar, but my favorite character is Uncle Iroh, then Toph, and then possibly Zuko. There are just so many factors to every character it’s hard to pick third and fourth favorites.


ATLA-June-SongAnyhoo, obscure. I say it again, I love obscure characters, and June had my attention the moment she stepped on the screen. Back in 2009, when Ceratopian and I were debating on which ATLA cosplay we should make, it was between Ursa and Kya, or June and Song. We ended up going with Ursa and Kya, so this time around we decided to jump back on the ATLA cosplay boat with June and Song; two characters who collectively are seen in three episodes out of all seasons.

June’s tunic had me perplexed for a little bit; wasn’t sure how I’d construct it the way I envisioned it, but everything worked out in the end.


Character: Bounty Hunter June
Series: Avatar the Last Airbender


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