Crusch Karsten – Re:Zero Starting Life in Another World

By Neoqueenhoneybee, July 11, 2017

Kira キラ originally asked me to watch re:Zero so I could cosplay Elsa with her, but after watching it I really liked Crusch; I am a sucker for her kind of stoic character and military dress. After I made Elsa, I happened to find all the perfect materials for her so Kira excitedly gathered her Felix fabrics.

Initially I hadn’t done a ton of research and didn’t realize there were two versions of Crusch’s outfit; the anime and light novel art. I had already started making the anime version and while looking for better pictures of her gold emblem, I discovered many more details from her light novel art. My version ended up being a combination of them both since it was already too late to incorporate some light novel details into my outfit.

I ended up buying a live steel sword on Amazon, and while it was a little too long for me it was the perfect shape and style for Crusch. I had to paint some accents with the gold leaf liquid, but other than that it pretty much was perfect as is.

2017 Library of Congress Shoot

I was surprised that we had no issues wearing and shooting our cosplay here; TK spoke with them beforehand and they were shockingly ok with it. Kira and I got lots of stares and we definitely had to wait for people to move out of the camera’s view! We had some laughs. Due to the location I did not bring my sword, but am hoping to shoot at a weapon friendlier venue soon.

2018 Private Shoot

I wasn’t happy with my boots in the previous shoot (the real ones hadn’t arrived) so was really happy to re-shoot at a beautiful chapel in Valley Forge.

Crusch Credits

2017 Library of Congress Felis/Felix Cosplay by Kira キラ
2017 Library of Congress Photography by T.K. Weller
2018 Private Shoot Felis/Felix Cosplay by Kira キラ
2018 Private ShootNatsuki Subaru Cosplay by Box of Ninjas
2018 Private Shoot Photography by @haptu

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Character: Crusch Karsten
Series: Re:Zero -Starting Life in Another World
Version: Anime/Light Novel