Delita Heiral – Final Fantasy Tactics

By Neoqueenhoneybee, October 23, 2016

I hadn’t played FF Tactics in my youth, but had always heard great things about it from everyone who had played it. It wasn’t until a couple of years ago that I played the PSP version and it was beautiful; the cut scenes! Box of Ninjas had mentioned that he wanted to cosplay Ramza and that I might like Agrias as a character. Not far into the game I found that my favorite character was leaning towards Delita. I didn’t agree with his chosen path, but it’s understandable why he made the decisions he did. I also tend to love tragic characters.

MORE ABOUT FONTHILL EVENT: Posted by Carlo Suarez on Friday, October 21, 2016

This cosplay would never have happened if not for the CosAlive Fonthill Castle shoot; I didn’t know what to wear there but when someone suggested FF Tactics a group was quickly formed! We had a Ramza, Delita, Agrias and possibly Ovelia. The only character I could think of doing to match the group was Meliadoul, so I began making her. A week before the event, some things happened and everyone had to drop out, with the exception of the Ramza (who was planning on making the mercenary armored version, but then had to fall back on her squire version). After getting the news that it would only be squire Ramza, I really wanted to match her but my Meliadoul would not have gone with that version of Ramza.

With only a week left I went to Joanns during an extra 50% off sale the clearance fabrics and found the perfect fabrics for squire Delita. I wasn’t even hoping to find them, but there they were. I dyed the blue shirt fabric to be a little more purple and then all the colors matched the artwork. I had a ton of leather left over from my Kagarou leather order and used that to make the armor. The only thing I did not have time for was the sword. Fortunately Box of Ninjas had a collector friend who lent me two of his for both Ramza and Delita!

Delita Credits

Ramza Cosplay (at Fonthill) by Kyu Kyu
Fonthill Photography by Photography by Ross SieberDancing Squirrel PhotographyS1Price Lightworks and Otaku-Haven

“Wow this costume was put together in a week!!! I really need to redo some things…but a week!!!!”

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Character: Delita Heiral
Series: Final Fantasy Tactics
Version: Squire/Part 1