Elsa – Re:Zero Starting Life in Another World

By Neoqueenhoneybee, November 28, 2016

Re:Zero wasn’t even on my radar until Kirato  told me that it was her favorite new show; she described how much she loved it and had only great things to say. Then she mentioned there was a particular character, Elsa, she thought I’d like. I remember being skeptical and once she was finished with the general character description I asked what her outfit looked like…..only to find out once again I had been type cast! Ha ha ha ha, it’s fine, after all I do have a set of fake boobs (and still trying to perfect them)!

Since Kirato makes it a point to cosplay with me it was only fair I cosplay with her! After watching the first three episodes I had a pretty good idea about her character and was excited to do someone who was a little cray cray. Her gut-lust would make for fun facial expressions. I was lucky enough to find the fabrics at Jomar; the only fabric that gave me some issue was the purple. I needed a material that didn’t fray so I could make the feathers out of it and ended up finding a microsuede with a scaled texture on it. Problem was the color was off! I used poly dye to try getting it to the proper shade and it worked, but only on the scaled texture and not on the actual microsuede.

Made the knife out of foam.

Elsa Credits

CosAlive Selma Mansion Emilia Cosplay by Kirato キラト
CosAlive Selma Mansion Subaru Cosplay worn by Box of Ninjas
CosAlive Selma Mansion Photography by Dan Seiter PhotographySpookyElectricの写真

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Character: Elsa
Series: Re:ZERO