Fire Emblem: Awakening
Mercer Museum 2014 Shoot

By Neoqueenhoneybee, October 20, 2014

October 19th marked a new milestone for me; it was the date of the first cosplay photo event I’ve ever planned. Ceratopian and I had seen pictures of the Mercer Museum from a Konkon Cosplay shoot a couple years back, and we decided to shoot our Fire Emblem: Awakening cosplay there. Unfortunately, since both of our costumes were not ‘family friendly’, we could not shoot at the museum during normal hours (like Konkon had). After contacting the museum and inquiring, they mentioned that we could rent out the museum after (or before) normal business hours. It was very costly, so that’s when we decided to make it a huge event for all FE:A cosplayers who’d be interested.

There was a lot of preparation and it was a huge learning experience, but all in all it went very well. We decided to rent out the Mercer Museum Sunday from 9am – 12pm because it was the only time we would have the museum with natural lighting (and Dancing Squirrel Photography mentioned that the museum is pretty dark). The max number of people that could come was 40, but in the end our group was made up of 21 cosplayers, photographers, and assistants.

Personally, I only knew 10 of the 21 people who came, but was very excited to meet new cosplayers! Some of which live very close to me! So let’s do shout-outs!

Ceratopian (Nowi) –
Bethii (DLC Lyndis) –
Neoqueenhoneybee (Tharja) –
Siddershow (Anna) –
Eljin (Henry) –
Krystle (Nah) – http://cawrasu.tumblr.com
Elyssa (Miriel) –
Chrissy (Cherche) –
Danny (Lon’qu) –
Kira Rin (Lon’qu) –
Fuu (Kjelle) –
Lexi (Noire) –

Philip Ng –
Ted Schundler –
Constance Jiang –
Mel Shardae –
Dave Frei –
Brenda Claire –

Barri –


Knightmare6 Photography

Shardae Photography

D Frei Photography

Ted Schundler

Constants Cosplay and Photography