Ghost – The Letter (Horror Visual Novel)

By Neoqueenhoneybee, November 15, 2017

Kira introduced me to a new horror visual novel game called The Letter; the only experience I had with visual novel styled games was the Zero Escape series (which are AMAZING). I started streaming the game with Kira and was sad to discover that I am not a fan of strictly visual novel games. I guess I need something in addition to the novel part, like puzzles or room escape.

The Letter has a great concept and interesting characters; the strongest aspect is the multiple endings and available choices to get to said endings. Also, the voice acting is amazing and the art is really nice. The unfortunate part is the story is unnecessarily dragged out with painfully reiterated, nonessential dialogue, immature character interaction, and mind bogglingly dragged out plot points. The game could be really good if everything was edited down; a single first play-through could take 9 hours and the game would not lose any impact. In fact, it would only add to it’s appeal. Sadly, the first play through I had was over 25 hours and by the end I felt nothing for the characters and the only thing keeping me going were the ghost moments.

However, I was really excited to make this costume and was able to create it in two days. The fabric I used had a lot to do with the quickness as I didn’t have to worry about fraying. I spent another two days distressing and bloodying it up! So much fun!

Letter Ghost Credits

2017 Ridley Creek State Park solo shoot by Philip Walker Photography

“”The Letter is a horror visual novel created by the Filipino developer Yangyang Mobile. Each of the game’s seven chapters focuses on a different character who has read the contents of the letter and is now cursed by an eerie, stringy-haired ghost.” November 2017 Patreons get a print from this shoot!”

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Character: Ghost
Series: The Letter (Horror Visual Novel)