Gourry Gabriev – Slayers

By Neoqueenhoneybee, March 3, 2017

HOW EXCITING TO HAVE A GOURRY (AND NAGA)!!!! This was a completely unexpected costume; my friend Star Willow Cosplay was asking for Katsu ideas and I half-jokingly stated ‘Slayers’. It was all downhill from there! I had mentioned on my FB page previously that at I was willing to make a Gourry costume if I found someone tall enough and Dom volunteered. I told him it was a deal, but there was no set date at that time, just a ‘whenever’ kind of project. With little less than a month and a half to start and complete costumes, Amy and I began working; her on her Naga and me on Gourry.

The most complex parts were the armor, but with 10mm foam from TNT Cosplay Supply it was a pretty painless process! I made my Lina pouldrons from the EVA garage mats and now having worked with the smooth on all sides foam there is no going back!

Dom made his own sword and Amy and I worked together to tackle the wigs.

Katsucon 2017

Unfortunately there wasn’t enough time to do all the small details from the figure that I wanted to do; mostly the gold portions on the leather straps! But they will get done for epic photo shoot!

Both Dom and I would like to keep working on Gourry (him to make new sword and me to complete all the little things that remain unfinished) before we schedule an at location photoshoot.

Gourry Credits

Gourry Costume by Neoqueenhoneybee for Dom
Gourry Sword by Dom
Naga Cosplay by Star Willow Cosplay
Lina Cosplay by Neoqueenhoneybee
Katsucon 2017 Photography by Final EVA Productions and MAX


“Cosplay made for Dom to complete the PERFECT SLAYERS TRIO; Lina, Naga and Gourry! I rarely make costumes for other people, but this was one of the few that I was ready to do! Now..ALL THE FOOD PHOTOSHOOTS!!”

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Character: Gourry Gabriev
Series: Slayers
Version: Artbook/Figure Combo