Illumi Zoldyck Hunter Exam cosplay by Neoqueenhoneybee

Illumi Zoldyck – Hunter x Hunter (Hunter Exam Arc)

By Neoqueenhoneybee, July 30, 2015

I’ve been having so much fun cosplaying Illumi Zoldyck and my make up skills are improving as well. Win all around! I’ve also been able to meet a lot of really cool HxH cosplayers at meets. They are all so warm and accepting. :)

Creation Process

While making my 13th Hunter Chairman Election arc Illumi, I was careful to make sure I had enough green fabric to make the version I had wanted to make from the beginning; Hunter Exam arc Illumi! So glad I had enough fabric for both! Since I line most everything I make I had purchased enough to line my Hunter Exam version with the same green fabric. But to conserve fabric (since I later decided to do two Illumi cosplay that used the same green) I decided to line the pants with a different fabric I had lying around. It worked out since I really like the subtle texture of the green fabric. Also, the texture made the fabric kind of scratchy, so I’m glad that I didn’t use it for lining. >,<

The needles were pretty easy to make once I figured out how I wanted to do them; I made a different post about making the needles >>

After completing Hunter Exam Illumi KitsuneSqueak and I went to an abandoned warehouse and took really cool creepy photos of her as Killua and me as Illumi. After talking for a bit I kept mentioning that I wanted to find a Hisoka so badly and she made the suggestion that I make Hisoka and she would wear my Illumi. >:}  So there will probably be a Hisoka cosplay in the works at some point. As well as a secret one…


Abandoned Warehouse –  Photography by Kristina Abrams
Otakon 2015 – Flutter-Tee Photography
Killua Cosplay by KitsuneSqueak

Otakon 2015

I was able to reconnect with a lot of HxH couplers I met at Zenkai, and it was awesome! So many fun times.

“I’ve been wanting to do this for so long!! Finally made. :P”

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Character: Illumi Zoldyck
Series: Hunter x Hunter
Version: Hunter Exam


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