Kanoe – X/1999

By Neoqueenhoneybee, May 18, 2016

X 1999 is a great classic clamp title. Ceratopian had mentioned that one of her dream costumes was Hinoto and naturally I decided that the best character option for me to do was Kanoe. I had a hard time deciding which Kanoe, mostly due to modesty issues. However once I discovered the fake cosplay boob tutorials I figured her stunning blue feathered design wasn’t too far fetched for me.

In the scheme of things Kanoe wasn’t hard to make; it just took forever for all the pieces to dry. Unfortunately my air compressor is out of commission and I had to hand paint the feathered wings and felt feathered dress accents.

The most challenging part to this was deciding what materials to make the wings out of; after a failed attempt at using wire and felt, I discovered that I’d need an even lighter weight fabric. Enter interfacing. I simply put a thick wire in between two feathered shaped pieces of interfacing and ironed them together. Once I had the feathers made I had to paint them; that is what took forever! I had a lot of feathers to paint; back and front.

The felt feathers on her dress were a little disappointing; the paint really didn’t dry well and even with three coats the colors turned dull and muddy. In retrospect I should have made the dress feathers out of interfacing as well, but I had run out of time and had to work with what was available to me.


Hinoto cosplay by Ceratopian
CosAlive Shofuso event photography by SpookyElectricの写真GooJunky Photography, and Simply Frank Productions

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Character: Kanoe
Series: X - X/1999