Kei – Dirty Pair Flash

By Neoqueenhoneybee, June 13, 2016

Kei and I share some similarities; I was a tomboy with a temper in my youth and was interested in weaponry and martial arts. We also seem to love the same beverage, green tea! I had never even thought of cosplaying from Dirty Pair Flash until Envel’s Cosplay mentioned she wanted to cosplay Yuri, and me loving the tomboy types immediately jumped on board! It was pretty fortuitous that she mentioned she loved cosplaying the princess type character, cause that could add a lot of fun old school cosplay times to the list!!

While I wouldn’t say Dirty Pair Flash is on my favorite anime list, it was definitely entertaining. I enjoyed the 90’s futuristic space flair of the character designs. I mean just look at Kei’s hair!!! It’s like…a wig on a wig!!! I do love her red jumper though and was pretty excited about making that a reality!

I was most unhappy with the fake cos-chest. I really really need to find a way to make it look more realistic. That is my new mission in cosplay life (sad, I know). I’ve made two so far and neither one I was 100% happy with. Will probably need to make quite a few more before I know what I need to change.

Kei Credits

Fanime Photography by BlizzardTerrak Photography and AnimeCraft Entertainment
Fanime Yuri Cosplay by Envel’s Cosplay

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Character: Kei
Series: Dirty Pair Flash