Leylia – Record of Lodoss War

By Neoqueenhoneybee, July 6, 2017

I had been stuck on Karla’s accessories for a while, but still really wanted to have a Lodoss cosplay to join Star Willow Cosplay‘s group as soon as possible. Since I already had Karla’s wig I decided to do a Leylia costume as well. After looking at her designs (artbook, OVA and TV series) I fell in love with the Greek feel of her one artbook version. I went to Jomar and found the perfect fabrics for her dress and cloak.

Her dress utilizes 10 yards of flowy, heavy cream fabric! It is very heavy to wear!!! The cloak is probably about 5 -7 yards of gathered fabric. With everything on it’s literally a weight on my shoulders. The crescent decorations were made from left over sintra and ‘painted’ with rub-n-buff. I found sandals in my closet that worked, but will probably be looking for a different pair.

I debated for a long time weather or not I wanted to remove some of the 10 yards from the dress portion; when the cloak is removed the mass of fabrics makes me look really pregnant. However when Vontography snapped a gorgeous picture of my fabrics all flowing outward from my spin, I didn’t want to remove any of it. Am still debating.

Leylia Credits

Slayn Costume by Star Willow Cosplay for Dom
Deedlit Cosplay by Star Willow Cosplay
Leylia Cosplay by Neoqueenhoneybee
Little Neese Cosplay by Han Pan’s Costumes and Curiosities
2017 Katsucon Photography by Vontography
2017 National Capitol Columns Photography by T.K. Weller

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Character: Leylia
Series: Record of Lodoss War (OVA)
Version: Artbook