Lisa Lisa – Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures (Battle Outfit)

By Neoqueenhoneybee, May 12, 2015

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Jojo is one of those series that you either hate or love due to its overly dramatic nature. I am a huge fan of it’s ridiculousness and ability to not take itself seriously at all. There are a lot of fun characters in the Jojo universe, but I tend to lean towards mom cosplay. It helps that Lisa Lisa is awesome and can kick butt. (Granted her final battle was a momentous let down.)

I had a hard time choosing between Lisa Lisa’s battle outfit and the red boater outfit. So hard that I had to make both…I already had the majority of the fabrics for both so why not, right?

The battle outfit was the first one I made and looked online for references and previous cosplays of her. A lot of people did the figure variant, but I wanted to do the anime version. I was fortunate enough to find some good references of her bloomer jumper. Some people translated it into a skirt, but it really looks like a pair of really short bloomers with a loincloth in the front and back.


Dancing Squirrel Photography at Ellicott City Photoshoot
Dan Seiter Photography at Otakon 2015

Fem Kars by Amanda’s Art and Cosplay
Purple Joseph Joestar by Jordan Chambers

Otakon 2015

I wore both Lisa Lisa’s to Otakon 2015 and had a blast! While I did not have a private shoot planned for this one I did manage to pull aside Dan for pictures of me, a fem Kars and Jordan Chambers (Joseph Joestar) for a quick mini shoot!

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Character: Lisa Lisa
Series: Jojo's Bizarre Adventures
Version: Battle Outfit