Lisa Lisa – Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures (Gondola Suit)

By Neoqueenhoneybee, August 17, 2015

Some cosplay come easily and that was the category Lisa Lisa’s red gondola suit fell into. I had the right amount of red fabric and had a pattern I was familiar enough with that I could alter quickly. Within a week the suit was made. I decided to make it a bit more 80’s, like the manga version, while still staying true to the anime’s design. Wanted it to have larger shoulders though. Gotta love Romulan style shoulder pads. Seriously.

Hardest part was the scarf and only becasue I had very limited fabric and needed to make it stretch. The salmon and teal strips are all separeate pieces sewn together.


Otakon 2015 Private Shoot by Kimchiii
Otakon 2015 Hall Shots by Melody Daley
Zenkaikon 2016 Private Shoot by Tommyish
Caesar Cosplay by Box Of Ninjas
Joseph Cosplay by Roy Mitchell

Otakon 2015

I was only able to attend one Jojo shoot (Friday) and decided to go in the red suit version. I can’t believe how many awesome Lisa Lisa cosplayers there were! There were a few skirt suited versions, two (?) battle versions and one other red suit version! There were also quite a few Josephs and Caesars!

Zenkaikon 2016

Finally a shoot with Caesar AND Joseph! So glad I had a son! It was ridiculously cold, but Roy (Joseph) was such a trooper!!!

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Character: Lisa Lisa
Series: Jojo's Bizarre Adventures
Version: Red Gondola Suit