Machi – Hunter x Hunter

By Neoqueenhoneybee, November 28, 2016

Machi caught my eye in the 1999 version of the Hunter x Hunter anime; it was her purple hair that did it! LOL, joke was on me when the new anime came out and they changed her hair to pink. I still liked her though and wanted to cosplay her if we ever did a Spiders group. Slowly I roped my friends into cosplaying Spiders (mwahahahahahaaa)!

Construction was extremely simple; the ‘toughest’ part was the obi, which I ended up making two completely separate parts. The first part was made more like a traditional obi, but with the back ribbons sewn to the back (and in the ribbons was plastic boning to make it defy gravity) and then the more hourglass shaped part went right over it and snapped together in the back.

Selma Mansion

I was able to convince most of my interested friends into wearing their Phantom Troupe cosplay at the CosAlive Selma Mansion shoot; we had a blast! We staged arm wrestling contests and Lexi went and bought us cards to play a weird poker/go fish hybrid. The photographer just ended up shooting candids of the card game since we were having so much fun.

Machi Credits

Selma Shalnark Cosplay by Kira キラ
Selma Nobunaga Cosplay by Lam Lam Photography and Cosplay
Selma Feitan Cosplay by Box of Ninjas
Selma Bonolenov Cosplay by Anthony Schoenacher
Selma Photographer by Allen YenDamyon T. VerboDan Seiter Photography

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Character: Machi
Series: Hunter x Hunter