Making Illumi: Needle Time!

By Neoqueenhoneybee, July 30, 2015

2015-06-18-01.29.09Node-IOGLO000030000900001000040000H0001M0001L0000E000020000J0001Y0000200EQ3.ViewAssetQuick post about the steps for Illumi’s clothes needles, aka the decorative yellow balls. Depending on the costume (have two different Illumi cosplay) there are different sized wood balls I used, but most of them are wood dowel caps with a hole large enough for paper fasteners. You can purchase the dowel caps from an AC Moore, Joanns or Michaels. I bought mine from both AC Moore and Michaels.

I poured wood glue into the holes and then stuck the long paper fasteners deep into the glue, letting them dry overnight. After the glue dried I used the fastener points to prop  the wood balls onto a foam base so I could spray paint. The wood on the smaller ones was pretty smooth so the spray paint too really well. I used Ford Color Match yellow from Pepboys. After layers and layers, and a bit of sanding, the balls that were supposed to go on my clothes were pretty much ready to go.

2015-06-28 16.49.08

2015-03-14-20.14.10In the fabric area I wanted to stick them it was very important that I had a stiff backing, so I used a very thick interacting purchased from Joanns. I measured out where I wanted everything and then cut precise holes with an exacto blade. So the paper fastener prongs don’t show on the other side, I used more thick interfacing to sandwich the prongs in.


For the actual needle props, I had to cut dowel pieces and drill a small hole in the center of one of the sides. I slid skewers into the small holes and then put the dowel side into the wood ball caps (already the correct sized hole). After the wood glue dried I used the same Ford spray paint.

After all the yellow spray paint dried I used both resin spray and gloss finish on my two different costumes; preferred the resin spray!


IMG_4793 copy