Makoto Kino – Sailor Moon

By NeoqueenAdmin, June 2, 2016

Makoto KinoAs much as I love the Sailor Moon manga I can’t believe I don’t cosplay from it more. This particular cosplay was done on a whim; I had wanted to make a casual SM cosplay and already had a wig for Sailor Jupiter. I was happy to make Makoto Kino’s school uniform as I always loved her in it. And I could get practice in making this kind of uniform for when I do A-ko!

My original plan was to make and wear this for the 2015 Sailor Moon day with a friend in Minako’s school uniform, but we didn’t end up attending.

There was nothing particularly difficult about this costume and I bought a pattern to help with the top. Still haven’t found the perfect shoes yet, but I’ll come across them evetually.

Makoto Kino Credits

Shofuso photography by GooJunky Photography


Character: Makoto Kino/Lita Kino
Series: Sailor Moon
Version: School Uniform


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