Meliadoul Tengille – Final Fantasy Tactics

By NeoqueenAdmin, March 31, 2017

_MG_2430_flameLike Delita, Meliadoul would never have happened if not for the Fonthill CosAlive Castle event; I didn’t really know what to cosplay there and then someone said Final Fantasy Tactics. I was in, but wasn’t sure who to do since both my favorite characters were already taken.

Even though she wasn’t my first or second cosplay choice, I’m glad I decided to go with her since it gave me the opportunity to try my hand at more intricate foam armor!! And having a local friend who recently fell in love with making armor and props really helped my motivation. I also had more creative freedom with her design since the only official art that exists is her sprite art.

Unfortunately I never finished her for the CosAlive shoot since everyone dropped out of the group and the only other Tactics cosplayer would be wearing an outfit that did not go with the character. All worked out in the end because I was able to make squire Delita in time to match the Ramza. Meliadoul was pushed back till Kupocon so I could join the group that had to back out for Fonthill.


KupoCon was the perfect opportunity to try wearing Meliadoul for the first time, and boy did I have to work out some kinks. Definitely made the hood waaay too big and found the leg armor needs some extra help to stay around the shoes.

Meliadoul Credits

2017 Winter Valley Forge Shoot – Shaun Maddox


Character: Meliadoul Tengille
Series: Final Fantasy Tactics
Version: Part 2


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