Mia Ausa – Lunar Silver Star Story

By Neoqueenhoneybee, June 3, 2016

As much as I love JRPGs, I had never played Lunar in my youth; I think I was just too young to appreciate the game style back then. After meeting an online friend through Monster Hunter G2 and sharing our mutual love of JRPGs, he suggested I give it a shot. I was lucky enough to find the PSP version at TooManyGames and really enjoyed playing it! It was very cute and I really love the anime style cut scenes. I also really enjoy the battle system; definitely a game I’d play again.

My favorite characters in the game are Jessica and then Nash. Jessica is just the best character all around; I love strong female characters. Nash had a great initial intro, but got super annoying until he got his butt handed to him by the party. I loved beating him up. But his obsession with his hair still endeared me to him from the start.

I chose Mia Ausa over Jessica because I wanted to complete a group; on her own she would have been my last choice to cosplay. I think I probably would have chosen to cosplay Nash over her (poor Mia). Of the girls I would have chosen Jessica first, then Luna.

The outfit was really easy to make; the blue designs were a little time consuming to appliqué, but not difficult.  The shoes were also pretty simple, just had to find decent shaped shoes and correct colored fabrics.


Palace of Fine Arts Photography by i360 Photography

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Character: Mia Ausa
Series: Lunar Silver Star Story