Miss All Sunday Cosplay

Miss All Sunday – One Piece

By NeoqueenAdmin, February 26, 2015

Miss All Sunday and Sir Crocodile Cosplay It’s no secret that One Piece is on of my all time favorite anime/manga titles. And while I love the entire cast, Nico Robin completely won me over. I kinda want to cosplay all of her pre Time Skip outfits…but Miss All Sunday’s outfit is classic and I’m really excited I finally made it happen.

At first I wanted to make her top and skirt out of a crocodile print, since her Baroque Works counterpart is Sir Crocodile. But the one purple croc vinyl I found was super stiff and would not be garment friendly. Ironically I had a bunch of rejected scale-textured vinyls from trying to find the right Snivy fabric. I went through them and found a Silver and Gold Snakeskin I bought from MJTrends that was a perfect garment fabric. Through experimentation I learned that it took leather paints very well and I was able to mix the appropriate purple and paint the fabric. Side note…think I will use this fabric for my Legend of Dragoon Rose cosplay.

The coat gave me issues and I ended up making/re-making it three times, but that is it’s own post! At least the Alvida version of the coat turned out perfectly on the first try. :P

The boots were bought from ebay; they are the PERFECT style for Miss All Sunday, but I have to admit that I was a little disappointed at how flimsy they are. They look perfect in the ebay pictures, but in reality the boots’ shafts aren’t lined with a stiffer fabric, so it ‘t pretty wrinkly/saggy.

Katsucon 2015

Had tons of fun cosplaying with NegativeDreamer at Katsu! His Sir Crocodile was awesome and wish we had more time to walk around together as a pair. Photography by Ken AD Photography.

Special thanks goes out to jimjimfuria and Arlong Park Forums for helping me obtain a colored Miss All Sunday settei pre!

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Character: Miss All Sunday (Nico Robin)
Series: One Piece
Version: Alabasta


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