Miyu and Larva – Vampire Princess Miyu (OVA)

By Neoqueenhoneybee, December 24, 2015

While Miyu has been an intriguing character to me since first discovering the OVA, I never thought of cosplaying as her; mostly due to my age. I’m so much older than Miyu (SO much) and honestly didn’t think I would be able to pull her off at all! Well, I’m glad I threw age caution to the wind and attempted it anyway. Both Miyu and Larva cosplays turned out better than I had hoped!

I really do have to thank M9 Cosplay for this endeavor. If he hadn’t invited me to a cosplay photography event he’d planned, I’d have never been motivated to make both Miyu and Larva. Reasoning behind all that; the cosplay event was in a wooded and field setting and most of my cosplays are pretty location specific. I didn’t have a cosplay on hand that would make tons of sense in the woods (well, I have Lina, but already had her shot in the woods a few times and wanted something new).

I had been mulling it over for weeks, what to do? Then the idea of Miyu was planted by a Miyu cosplayer I saw at AWA. What really sold me on making her was that I had all her fabrics on hand and was able to make her outfit in a few days. But what is Miyu without her companion, Larva? My friend, Danny, was more than happy to be my Larva, so I spent about less than a week making a costume for him to wear. (So much fabric!)

The event was wonderful, the photographers were fun and friendly and the pictures turned out great!

Miyu and Larva Credits

M9 Event photos by Coolsteel27 PhotographySF Design and M9 Cosplay
Ellicott City photos by Lam Lam Photography
Mount Moriah Cemetary photos by SpookyElectricの写真

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Character: Miyu and Larva
Series: Vampire Princess Miyu
Version: OVA