Mizuha Shin Blademaster Set – Monster Hunter Freedom Unite/2G

By Neoqueenhoneybee, March 1, 2016

Ceratopian and I have been talking about doing a Monster Hunter cosplay for years! It was a daunting task, but I’m glad that it finally happened! I was supposed to work on it all year in 2015; as in that would be my only cosplay focus. Turned out that 2015 was my most prolific cosplay year to date with 15 new costumes to ‘boast’. After playing Monster Hunter Freedom Unite I fell madly in love with the Mizuha Shin set and Cera wanted to make the Rajang set.

Armor Stats

The Mizuha set is pretty amazing for skill wise; it comes with High Grade Earplug, Frosty Protection (Snow Resistance/Dragon Wind Breaker), Stealth, and TerrainDamageInc[Lo]. It’s tailored for Daora hunting as the Frosty Protection’s Dragon Wind Breaker resists the Daora’s fierce wind barrier. It’s a shame that the stats are so different in MH4U. In 4U the stats are: Windproof (Hi), Status Atk +2, Earplugs, Status Crit, and Heat Surge. I’m going to miss the amazing skills from MHFU.

Armor in the Making

Making this set was a challenge since I don’t do a lot of structure based projects. I started by making the waist portion of the armor. I used EVA foam as a structure for the very large butt. At the top I glued chicken wire on the inside so I could use screws to attach the butt to the waist.  I covered the outside portion in upholstery foam and used thick batting on top of that so it was all smoothed out.

For the other pieces’ structures I just used the super thick interfacing and layers of batting to make it puffy, then used a 2 way stretch fabric (purple fabric) to cover them.


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Character: Mizuha Shin Blademaster Set
Series: Monster Hunter
Version: Freedom Unite/2nd G