Nico Robin – One Piece: Marchen TIME

By NeoqueenAdmin, August 22, 2011

Marchen TIME Prince RobipriWhile I have not been faithful in my posting, I have kept very busy! In 2010 I was able to complete a really fun and hilarious cosplay: Nico Robin and Zoro from One Piece: Mugiwara Theatre – Marchen TIME. I know that most of you are NOT One Piece fans, but in order to appreciate the ridiculousness of this all, imagine taking a super masculine tough guy and making him a princess in an obscure alternate universe. That is sort of what happens with Marchen TIME. Oda, the creator of OP, places all of the Strawhat Pirate crew into fairy tale roles; some roles of which are gender switched. Nico Robin becomes Prince Robipuri and Roronoa Zoro becomes Snow Princess Zoro. (Who’s face is exactly that of her male design…and somehow she’s the fairest in all the land? HAH!)

Something this wacky could not be passed up! However, I needed a perfect Princess Zoro to go with my Prince Robipuri. I mean really, who would ‘get’ or even appreciate my cosplay without the scary brow-ed guy in drag? Thanks to my friend, Joe, this was all possible. He graciously voulunteered to be my ‘fair’ Princess (Ok, so I made him do it).

Now that I am more active on facebook, I am posting more work in progress cosplay images on my new Neoqueenhoneybee page. Most of my pictures have been moved to there as well. Please like my page and have fun looking at some of my reference, fabric, WIP, and professional pics!

Marchen TIME by Fanart by e1n
Fanart that I based my cosplay on. Thanks e1n!!
MarchenTime One Piece Omake
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Character: Prince Robipuri (Nico Robin)
Series: One Piece - Mugiwara Theatre
Version: Marchen TIME


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Used and altered Simplicity's 2499 for Robin's cloak.

Used Simplicity's 2832 for Zoro White's top and the bottom of McCall's 4681.