Nico Robin – One Piece: Strong World

By NeoqueenAdmin, May 10, 2010

One Piece Nico Robin Strong World Mafia CosplayI can’t believe it’s been so long since I’ve last updated! Wonderful things are happening on my end, but I’ll update on them when I get more pictures.  As for now, I’ve just received these new Nico Robin Strong World (Edition) Mafia Cosplay images taken at Anime Boston by the extremely talented Judy Stephens. I’m pretty excited about them, but I will have to have new images taken once I make my gun! I want to have my gun made for Otakon 2010. Hopefully I’ll also have a mafia Zoro.

“What? ANOTHER Robin cosplay you ask?” Well, yes…another. (And definitely not the last! I hope you all are as big a One Piece fans as I am! Or…somewhat OP fans?) Around February I sold my Nico Robin Enies Lobby/Water 7 Cosplay, so I felt the urge to make a new Robin outfit. I was probably going through withdrawal or something. I think in my mind I was going to have at least one more photo shoot with that cosplay. Oh well. I’ll have to make sure to live out all my photo shoot ‘dreams’ with this cosplay before it is retired or sold. (And that may happen for Otakon; when I have my gun and mafia Zoro)

As usual, I planned in advance for this cosplay, but waited to work on it until it was dangerously close to Anime Boston. There were many small battles in which I won and lost to my coat, but now I am stronger for it and am ready to move onto the next cosplay! (Yes, another Robin will be made for 2010. This one will be hilarious though. I promise.)

Hah, 2018 and still no gun. :(


Photography by Judith Stephens Photography


Character: Nico Robin
Series: One Piece
Version: Strong World


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Used and altered Simplicity's 2581 for Nico Robin's coat.