Phi – Zero Time Dilemma

By Neoqueenhoneybee, May 18, 2016

I don’t really have much to say since the game hasn’t come out yet, but I hope it’s as amazing at the previous titles! I also can’t wait to see if it wraps up all the unanswered questions from 999 and VLR!

In choosing a character by visuals alone, I went with Phi mostly because I had everything I needed for her already. Eventually I really want to cosplay as Akane. Actually any Akane, from any game!

Making Phi

This costume was super easy; I had a stretch denim that I died a brighter blue and a 4 way stretch white rayon fabric. The brooch was already made and wig already styled form VLR Phi and the lens-less glasses were obtained from ebay. Already owned the boots and dancer tights. Only thing I am missing is the watch!!

Studio Shoot

First time wearing any cosplay for an extended period of time gives you insight on what to change/alter. I had forgotten my orange eye pencil for the eye brows, but other than that I liked the make up. I need to alter the white top so that it stays tucked in when I bend and move around and I might look for more accurate combat boots. I’ll need this outfit for AX so I’m glad I’m getting a good idea on how to work out the kinks.

Anime Expo 2016

I hadn’t planned on attending AX, but when a friend told me Aksys was promoting Zero Time Dilemma and doing events there, I went to ACP and signed up. Fortunately for me, I had started making all my Zero Escape costumes and had scheduled a studio shoot so I had pictures to show them. Both Ceratopian and I were accepted and were super excited! Of course I decided I wanted to make Cera a Q helmet a few weeks before the con, but it turned out very well!

I was also able to fix all the things on the costumes that were off; found more accurate boots, fixed the top and found a better sports bra that matched in color. I also added wefts from another wig onto the Phi wig.


Anime Expo 2016 Akane Cosplay by Starrys
Anime Expo 2016 Junpei Cosplay by Anijess3
Anime Expo 2016 Q Cosplay by Ceratopian
CosAlive Studio Day Spring 2016 Photography by Dave Frei and Mike Brint
Anime Expo 2016 Photography by Jeffi360

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Character: Phi
Series: Zero Escape
Version: Zero Time Dilemma