Practical Cosplay Fire Effects

By Neoqueenhoneybee, October 31, 2016

Ever wish you could have cool fire effects for your costume? All above fire effects were practical; no photoshop used. I was fortunate enough to have a costume that had high sleeves, but Box of Ninjas had to remove his gauntlets and roll up his sleeves for his Zuko fire. Always keep your costume/hair/props in mind when you plan on doing this on your own.

Photo Credits from left to right, Lam Lam Photography,GooJunky,SpookyElectricの写真
Zuko cosplay by Box of Ninjas

With the below supplies you can do this too!

  • dish soap
  • lighter (bbq lighter over normal one; you will want the long reach)
  • butane (In aerosol can)
  • water
  • container for soapy water

You might also want these too:

  • extra container with non soapy water to clean hands
  • towel to dry hands

Make sure to watch the video for proper instructions! This is where I learned how. Please keep in mind that if you decide to do this in the cold weather, your hands will go numb!