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By Neoqueenhoneybee, June 23, 2015

Sailor Moon plus space-y Jetsons like designs? Yes, please! Ceratopian showed me the retro scouts fanart by Hyamei and  was immediately hooked! Ceratopian and I had been meaning to do a Sailor Mercury and Sailor Jupiter cosplay at some point, and thought while we’d still love to do the original designs, this version was too good to pass up. We were supposed to have a full inner and outer senshi group, but in the end we at least had all the inner scouts!

Cera and I really wanted to make these outfits sparkly, shiny and glowy, and everything started falling into place once we discovered sparkle vinyl. After we decided on the main skirt fabrics we wanted them to have LEDs and glitter mesh bows, then light up laser guns and other awesome things that glowed. It was really awesome that we found others who got on board with us and worked hard to match; using the same patterns and such.

Katsucon crunch is the worst part of my cosplay year; I always overbook my cosplay (cause all my friends go and I want to cosplay with them all!). This past Katsu was no different and while all my outfits were wearable, I was missing elements from each one. Retro Sailor Jupiter unfortunately lacked some basic things that made my cosplay not fit with the rest. I had run out of time and fabric, so my green glove and boot ‘donuts’ turned more into flat strips of fabric instead of the round more 3-dimantional forms they were supposed to me. I was the only one with non round donuts. :/  Also, my cosplay lacked my tiara antenna and headphones. Also, the white boots I wore were coming apart at the seams (they were just so old). Ha ha ha, still the pictures came out great!

After Katsu I re-wore  this for the Ellicott City shoot and made sure that I had my antenna and headphones done. I also bought more fabric and made proper green glove and boot donuts, as well as replaced the white boots with a newer pair. I’d still like to make a more impressive butt bow, maybe one with wire or something. And I need to figure out how to get glow stick liquid off my bodysuit and gloves…


Katsucon photos by  SpookyElectricの写真
Sailor Moon:
Sailor Mercury:
Sailor Mars: Mags Le
Sailor Jupiter:
Sailor Venus:
Sailor Pluto:

“Fanart by Hyamei: Abigail L. Dela Cruz – hyamei”

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Character: Sailor Jupiter
Series: Sailor Moon
Version: Retro Fanart