Shakky – One Piece

By NeoqueenAdmin, November 30, 2016

12909703_994001894010991_3951772001620511768_oSeems like as I get older I have a stronger desire to cosplay old people. Fortunately for me Shakky is old and still pretty youthful looking! Like Robin, I love her chill and mature demeanor; she’s also super strong and isn’t afraid to beat someone senseless.

I’d been wanting to cosplay Shakky for years; I think I started collecting the pieces for her in 2011. But unfortunately she was put on hold due to other projects building up. However when NegativeDreamer said he’d cosplay Silvers Rayleigh for Katsu 2016 I immediately put Shakky back on the priority list.

I was very frustrated with myself for not keeping her previously collected items together; mostly the belt. I had found the perfect belt with a heart shaped buckle to alter, but could not find it anywhere! I had to use something thrown together last minute and was very displeased about that outcome.

I really want to rework the belt, shirt and jacket collar before I shoot her again. Oh and wig!! I did not like how the wig looked so bought a new one after the con. Firstly the wig wasn’t poofy enough and secondly it wasn’t long enough.

Shakky Credits

Katsucon 2016 Photography by Ken AD Photography
Silvers Rayleigh by Negativedreamer Costuming


Character: Shakuyaku
Series: One Piece


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