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By Neoqueenhoneybee, March 14, 2018

What’s Golden Sun you ask? If you love turn based RPG’s, you should check it out! I would have missed this gaming gem if not for my mentee, Box of Ninjas. Since I started mentoring him in sewing, he spoke highly of the game and decided early on that he wanted to cosplay from it. He lent me the games and I chose to cosplay Sheba to match his Felix. A few years later we met Yucari Cosplay at a MAGFest and we decided the next year we’d put together a large Golden Sun group.

Sheba (and Felix) had been in the queue for years so all the fabrics were already collected. While Sheba seems like a simple design I complicated things because I wanted the costume to be as accurate to the art as possible. Two words were the bane of this cosplay: raised trim. The character designer clearly had an obsession with it and, unfortunately for me, Sheba’s raised trim had more of an angular shape to it than the rest of the designs.

I decided to used eva foam covered in fabric for her zigzag trim….and since the fabric was glued to the foam it was a nightmare to them sew onto the tunic. My fingers cried. With a small pair of pliers and a few good movies I eventually got everything sewn together.

Aaaand a little random fact, when I played through Golden Sun I was really angry that Ivan aggressively force-read people minds right after they kindly asked him to not. NO MEANS NO IVAN. And then of course the power is available for you to use after that and you are going around seeing what people are thinking….anyhoo I read everyone’s mind. EVERYONE. At first when reading some animals’ minds the outcome was underwhelming; ‘moo’ for cow and so forth – some had something interesting to say, but not all. Those animals must have known of my powers but when I decided to read an unsuspecting ram’s mind? Epic. It caught me so off guard I was laughing for days and it’s the whole reason I wanted to cosplay Sheba. Just for a picture of me reading a sheep’s mind. Yup. This is why I cosplay. True story.

MAGFest 2018

MAGFest was kind of a blur; I was sleep deprived and probably incoherent, but we did it! We were only missing one person from the main eight characters! Pretty awesome turnout to say the least!

Video Explanation of Raised Trim

Also, fancy birbs.

Sheba Credits

Valley Forge Chapel 2018 Photography by Dan Seiter Photography
MAGFest 2018 Cosplayers: Isaac by Yucari Cosplay, Ivan by Rose of Battle Cosplay, Garet worn by Anthony Schoenacher (made by combined efforts),  Felix by Box of Ninjas, Jenna by Nika Elteri, and Piers by Kira キラ.
MAGFest 2018 Photography by  Prinny Fun Cosplay and  FX Dandy COS

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Character: Sheba
Series: Golden Sun