Shikiwakamaru – Yu Yu Hakusho

By Neoqueenhoneybee, November 28, 2018

Another YuYu cosplay, yay!! Can’t get enough of this show ha ha ha. After doing two versions of Kurama and Mukuro, I really wanted to do a villain. The Dark Tournament is such a great arc because of the memorable baddies and there are six of them that stand above the rest! From three different teams they become friends after defeated by team Urameshi, yup; Chu, Rinku, Jin, Toya, Suzuki/Suzuka, and Shishiwakamaru.

I had my eye on Toya because Kira wanted to do Jin, but Box of Ninjas felt he could only pull off Toya from the six, so I decided Shishi would be my man. My crazy, crazy man. Making him was super easy LOL. Like a breath of fresh air I think I made him in two days? Even the sword came easily! Though to be fair I had a small prop katana that I cut and altered into his Banshee Shriek Sword. Some sculpey and paint, bam done.

Most difficult part? Wig. As usual the wig was the toughest aspect of the costume. It also did not help that I waited last minute to make his bangs ad ended up rushing through it. I really need to go back and make it look better!!

2017 Zenkaikon Credits

Jin Cosplay by Kira キラ
Rinku Cosplay by Mae Mae Twin Cosplay
Toya Cosplay by Box of Ninjas
Suzuki/Suzuka Cosplay by Anthony Schoenacher
Shishiwakamaru Cosplay by Neoqueenhoneybee
Photography by Evette’s Photography

2019 Lock Ridge Park Credits

Yusuke/Jin cosplay Kira キラ
Hiei/Toya cosplay by Box of Ninjas
Genkai/Rinku cosplay by Mae Mae Twin
Kurama/Shikiwakamaru cosplay by Neoqueenhoneybee
Photography by Lacee-Girl Cosplay & photography

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Character: Shishiwakamaru
Series: Yu Yu Hakusho