Suzu Ooki – Juuni Kokki: Artbook

By Neoqueenhoneybee, August 13, 2012

After reading the fourth installment of the Twelve Kingdoms book series, I had a new appreciation for the characters of Suzu and Shoukei. In the anime series I was always annoyed with their behaviors during the majority of their journeys. However, the books added a dimension to them that wasn’t quite captured in the anime adaptation (which I still love), and I found I liked them more and more.

As with Youko’s cosplay, I wanted to do something more period correct, even though it’s a fantasy series. I decided that silks and linens were the best choices. I loosely followed a few patterns and for the most part the outfits were easy to make.

An exciting part of cosplay is finding people who share the same love of the series, and I connected with an AMAZING costumer who did my favorite Youko armor cosplay, Seifer-sama. We met up with her in San Fran’s gorgeous Japanese Tea Garden. I wore my Suzu and Ceratopian wore my Shoukei.

Suzu Credits

San Fran Photography by Robert Minh Le
Youko Nakajima cosplay by Seifer-sama
Shoukei worn by Ceratopian

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Character: Ōki Suzu
Series: Twelve Kingdoms / Juuni Kokki
Version: Artbook


Used and altered Simplicity's 5840 'D' for Suzu.

For Shoukei I used Simplicity's 4080.