Tao Jun – Shaman King

By Neoqueenhoneybee, August 17, 2015

I had no clue I was making a Tao Jun cosplay until a few weeks before Otakon. It was all a rush decision when I learned I was actually going to Otakon AND the mangaka, Hiroyuki Takei, was going to be a guest. Lexi mentioned that her friends were doing a Shaman King group and I was so tempted to join right then and there. Jun was always my favorite female character and they didn’t have one yet. I was really worried about the time, but I had all the materials to do the anime version (green/yellow dragon on dress). I ordered a wig and wefts from Arda and let everything fall into place.

The wig was definitely a challenge, but it got done. I would liked to have spent a bit more time on it, but in all honestly I don’t know that with time it would have looked better with my current skill level.

Turns out I got everything done in time, but D’OH! Hiroyuki Takei canceled his appearance last minute! Oh well, Shaman King still lived on at Otakon 2015. Now, gotta find me a Lee Pyron.


Otakon 2015 Private Shoot by NKP Photography

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Character: Tao Jun
Series: Shaman King