Tharja – Fire Emblem: Awakening

By Neoqueenhoneybee, March 1, 2014

Generally I stray away from cosplay that reveals ‘too much’. I like being modest; it is important to me. But Ceratopian recruited me to do Tharja because she loved Nowi, and their support was really cute, so I decided to just do it. I agreed to cosplay her before I had actually started Fire Emblem: Awakening, but once I played it and recruited Tharja to my side, I really enjoyed her character. Alot. I tend to lean towards characters who have a dark side, and Tharja is definitely one of them.

Admittedly I felt like the moe Naga the White Serpent clone in the Slayers OVA episode where Lina and Naga’s clones are the opposite personalities of the originals. Naga’s clone is super embarrassed to be seen wearing that revealing outfit and covers herself in her cloak. That was kind of me with my cloak walking around Katsucon in Tharja cosplay.

The outfit was pretty simple; bikini top, fundoshi like bottom, cape and accessories. I was really lucky to find the right styled shoes that were a close color match too. The hardest part was finding a seamless nylon body stocking; most seamless stockings are made from fishnet, and I did not want that. Someone actually ended up finding this body stocking for me on an asian site. I was super grateful because I had had absolutely not luck finding it on my own! TT_TT Unfortunately it got a big hole right on my panty line at con! And as I walked the con it just got larger and larger. Am rethinking the body stocking options.

I really enjoyed FE:A and want to cosplay my favorite character, Panne. I think I recruited Cera to cosplay Cordelia, because I really love their support. So cute! And if I can find a guy to rope into my next FE:A shenanigans, Giaus.


Tactician cosplay by Yarou Mooneshadow
Katsucon 2012 Private Shoot by Sorairo-Days
MAGFest 2015 Private Shoot by Shardae Photography
Mercer Museum 2014 Photography by Dave Frei, Knightmare6 PhotographyConstants Cosplay & Photo and SpookyElectric
Jersey Park 2017 Shoot by Otaku Haven

“Where did I get my bodysuit? I posted this on my blog; will not include link here because of their product pictures. Please go to blog post for link to where you can purchase bodysuit:”

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Character: Tharja
Series: Fire Emblem: Awakening


Used and altered Simplicity's 2499 for Tharja's cloak.

Special Materials

Used sintra for Tharja's head piece.

Bought the bodysuit here.