Utena Tenjou (Boy Uniform)- Revolutionary Girl Utena

By Neoqueenhoneybee, September 17, 2018

Utena has been a favorite series of mine since I first discovered the anime. After watching the first season I found the manga and loved that even more. And it was because of Utena that I discovered it’s  predecessor; Rose of Versailles. If you know very little about Utena, I’d recommend reading the five volume manga above all else (the style of the anime is wonderful, but there was so much filler and the movie was visually stunning but made no sense). You can purchase the complete set on Amazon.

Utena is my favorite character as she represents someone who breaks from the norm. She is who she is and won’t let outside pressures force her into a faceless mold. I relate to characters like this and appreciate when they are done well (manga more so that anime version).

While I wanted to do ALL the Utena cosplay (gir’ls uniform/rose bride/armor), her classic boy uniform was first on my list so I could later add the details to make her duelist version. It’s also pretty iconic and I can’t wait to get pictures with the Student Council or other schoolmates!

Utena Credits

2018 Washington Memorial Chapel at Valley Forge Utena Cosplay by Neoqueenhoneybee
2018 Washington Memorial Chapel at Valley Forge Photography by Lacee-Girl Cosplay & photography

“Duelist Uniform”

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Character: Utena Tenjou
Series: Revolutionary Girl Utena
Version: Duelist