Utena Tenjou (Girl’s Uniform)- Revolutionary Girl Utena

By Neoqueenhoneybee, September 30, 2018

Along with Utena’s duelist uniform I also wanted to make the girl’s uniform; PUFF SLEEVES. Ok channeling Anne of Green Gables there, but seriously there are so many different possibilities with the outfit, character wise. And me being a crazy person, I couldn’t have just one, I needed to make 3 separate outfits! One nice one for me to wear as Utena, Wakaba or anyone else for that matter, one made to fit someone else so they could wear it for Wakaba or Anthy and then one that would be destroyed for the Utena-Touga duel aftermath.

I found the perfect color fabric and started making all three skirts at the same time (so I wouldn’t forget seam allowances and such), but when it came to one of the later steps I didn’t like how the fabric started falling! The green was just too thin to keep the shape I wanted. I had a new plan and was ready to remake all three, but needed much more fabric…of which the store did not have!! I was disappointed but found a heavier weight fabric though in a different color; the uniforms ended up being more of a teal than a green.

I’m a perfectionist and LOVE Utena, so was really frustrated since I thought the first fabric matched my print out perfectly….but when I did more searches online I realized that the colors aren’t consistent at all!! There are many instances where they look vibrant teal in the series! Ha ha ha my color still wasn’t 100% accurate though.


It’s also important to note that Lacee helped with my wig!!!! I am so bad at wigging…

Utena Credits

2018 Washington Memorial Chapel at Valley Forge Photography by Lacee-Girl Cosplay & photography

“School Girl Uniform”

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Character: Utena Tenjou
Series: Revolutionary Girl Utena
Version: Girl's Uniform