Youko Nakajima – Juuni Kokki: Artbook

By Neoqueenhoneybee, November 24, 2011

One of my absolute favorite ‘anime’ series is Juuni Kokki, or Twelve Kingdoms. I use quotes when I say ‘anime’ because I do prefer the light novels over the anime, but most know it as the anime. I highly recommend the series to anyone who loves fantasy worlds.

My favorite character is Youko Nakajima; I love the struggles she faced upon entering the Twelve Kingdoms and not knowing anything about the ways of this different world. I will definitely be cosplaying more from Juuni Kokki in the future, but for now I’ve posted pictures from the (beautiful) Palace of Fine Arts in San Fran. Ceratopian and I went to Fanime 2011 to join a Magna Carta group and I brought my newly completed Youko Nakajima cosplay with me. I’m glad I did because the location was gorgeous! And I had an amazing photographer, Robert Le.

This was a fairly simple cosplay. I used linens and made my armor pieces out of craft foam. I will use leather next time. Yes. I did not have my sword, but I will be getting more pictures of this cosplay once I have my sword complete!


Palace of the Fine Arts Photography by Robert Minh Le and i360
2015 Chinese Scholar Garden Photography by Knightmare6 and Brian Ngai

From Juuni Kokki – Youko Nakajima Illustration Version. Posted by Neoqueenhoneybee on 10/05/2011 (19 items)

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Character: Youko Nakajima
Series: Twelve Kingdoms / Juuni Kokki
Version: Illustration


Used and altered Simplicity's 5840 'D'.

Special Materials

Craft foam was used for the armor pieces. Coated with flexible glue for sealing, then coated in rub-n-buff, and buffed with brown shoe polish.