Yukako Yamagishi – Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures

By NeoqueenAdmin, March 9, 2017

Yukako Yamagishi and KoichiOne could get completely lost in cosplaying from the Jojo series! I have to say I enjoy watching Diamond is Unbreakable over reading it; I just love seeing it animated. It’s not my favorite arc, but it definitely has it’s moments. Enter Yukako Yamagishi, a completely crazy person. I really feel badly for Koichi, but to each his own. I think the combination of being a creepy stalker psychotic and her hair stand made me want to cosplay her. Just cause crazy people can be more fun to act out, and hair.

I’ve been making a crud ton of school uniform cosplay this past year and already had the perfect fabric for her, so figured I’d jump on in. I modified a Joann pattern to fit the basic needs, but found a really useful online tutorial that helped me customize the pattern more.

Otakon 2016

I had started making Yukako in between other projects, but decided to debut her at Otakon. While searching ACP I discovered an AMAZING Koichi cosplayer who was also going to Otakon! We started conversing and planned to do a private shoot together. It was so epic! Kat was such an amazng sport and let me completely creep on her. I love down to earth cosplayers.

Yukako Yamagishi Credits

Otakon 2016 Photography by Marie Newby Photography
Koichi cosplay by CapsKat Cosplay


Character: Yukako Yamagishi
Series: Jojo's Bizarre Adventures
Version: Diamond is Unbreakable


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